Texture & Print Mapping for Interiors

One of my absolute favorite projects in Photoshop is Texture & Print Mapping, especially for Interior Design projects.


Texture/Knit Mapping by Juliette Ozkalfayan

There’s something fun, creative, and mysterious about putting a print, or a fabric someplace, it wasn’t before, but, you’d swear it was.

Image output file



Print mapping by Juliette Ozkalfayan

This is where Photoshop becomes a true art form for me; note the gorgeous floral CAD Textile Designs by Rob Manning of ITP (yes, they can be custom printed for you!).

Image output file

For more information on these beautiful Textile CAD Designs by Rob Manning and Digital Textile Printing services, please visit itpsupersample.com


Print mapping by Juliette Ozkalfayan


2 thoughts on “Texture & Print Mapping for Interiors

  1. This is exactly what I’d love to be able to do – see my designs on virtual furniture and home accessories. Sadly though, my Photoshop skills are next to zilch. You’ve now inspired me to give Photoshop another go, thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚ Aly

  2. Send over your favorite Tea Cup images and Pattern/Print Designs, and lets make something cool, like an entire room ๐Ÿ™‚
    I am always happy to teach free of charge if you’d like to collaborate!!

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